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During his conquest Alexander the Great took over the city in 333 BCE. Upon the death of Alexander the Great the city was eventually claimed during the Wars of the Diadochi by Seleucus I Nicator.

Seleucus created a Hellenic city on the city between 301 BCE and 286 BCE and renamed it Beroea (Βέροια) after the city of the same name in Macedon. Under the Seleucid Empire the city of Aleppo enjoyed great prosperity as did the entire northern Syria region as a whole.

Neighboring Damascus also flourished during this time period as well. Boroea/Aleppo was controlled by the Seleucid Empire until 88 BCE when it was conquered by Tigranes the Great of the Kingdom of Armenia. Eventually Tigranes lost to the Roman Empire and handed over Aleppo along with other cities in 64 BCE to Pompey.


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