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Ptolemais, an Ancient Greek place name and feminine personal name, may refer to :Places in AfricaPtolemais (Cyrenaica), a city in present-day Libya probably named after Ptolemy III EuergetesPtolemais Euergetis alias Crocodilopolis, an Egyptian city renamed Ptolemais Euergetis by Ptolemy III EuergetesPtolemais Hermiou, a Greek colony established in Egypt by Ptolemy I SoterPtolemais Theron, a city on the African coast of the Red Sea, established by Ptolemy II PhiladelphusPtolemais (Macedonia), a Greek city in Northern Greece, named after Ptolemy I SoterPtolemais in Phoenicia, named Antiochia Ptolemais after Ptolemy I Soter, now Acre, IsraelPeoplePtolemais of Cyrene, a third-century BC mathematician and musical theorist, author of Pythagorean Principles of MusicPtolemais, daughter of Ptolemy I Soter and mother of Demetrius the Fair


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