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Indo-Greek Settlements


The Indo-Greek Kingdom was a Hellenistic kingdom covering various parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northwestern India, founded after the conquests of Alexander the Great and subsequent establishment by his successors. Here's a table with information on notable settlements, though precise population data for ancient cities is generally not available.

SettlementLatitudeLongitudeYear FoundedPopulation (Approx.)
Taxila33.737072.8365c. 1000 BCE, Hellenistic phase c. 4th century BCEUnknown
Sagala (Sialkot)32.497274.5361UnknownUnknown
Pushkalavati34.017071.5670c. 6th century BCE, Hellenistic phase c. 2nd century BCEUnknown
Alexandria in the Caucasus (Begram)34.975669.2044329 BCEUnknown
Bucephala (Jhelum)32.933173.7264326 BCEUnknown
Kapisa34.900069.2333Hellenistic phase c. 2nd century BCEUnknown
Kandahar (Alexandria in Arachosia)31.628965.7372330 BCEUnknown
Patala (near Hyderabad, Pakistan)25.396068.3578UnknownUnknown
Alexandria on the Indus (Uch, Pakistan)28.331669.9403325 BCEUnknown
Peucela (Charsadda)34.150071.7500Hellenistic phase c. 2nd century BCEUnknown
Bactra (Balkh)36.756366.8972c. 6th century BCE, Hellenistic phase c. 3rd century BCEUnknown
Aornos (Pir-Sar)35.151772.7973326 BCEUnknown
Oritae (Gwadar)25.121262.3256Hellenistic phase c. 4th century BCEUnknown


  1. Taxila: An ancient city that became a significant center of Greek culture and learning.
  2. Sagala (Sialkot): A prominent city in the Indo-Greek Kingdom, known for its strategic importance.
  3. Pushkalavati: One of the earliest urban centers, with significant Hellenistic influence in later periods.
  4. Alexandria in the Caucasus (Begram): Founded by Alexander the Great, an important cultural and economic center.
  5. Bucephala (Jhelum): Founded by Alexander the Great in honor of his horse Bucephalus.
  6. Kapisa: A major city under Indo-Greek rule with strong Hellenistic cultural influences.
  7. Kandahar (Alexandria in Arachosia): Founded by Alexander the Great, later under Indo-Greek influence.
  8. Patala: An ancient port city at the delta of the Indus River.
  9. Alexandria on the Indus (Uch): Another city founded by Alexander the Great during his Indian campaign.
  10. Peucela (Charsadda): A key city in the Indo-Greek Kingdom known for its strategic location.
  11. Bactra (Balkh): A significant city in the Bactrian region, heavily influenced by Greek culture.
  12. Aornos (Pir-Sar): The site of a famous siege by Alexander the Great.
  13. Oritae (Gwadar): A coastal city with Hellenistic influences, part of Alexander's conquests.

The cities listed played critical roles in the administration, culture, and economy of the Indo-Greek Kingdom, serving as hubs of Hellenistic influence in the region. Exact population figures are generally unavailable for these ancient settlements.


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