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Pelion, also Pellion or Pelium (Greek: Πήλιον, Πέλλιον or Πήλεον), was a fortified settlement of the Chaonian tribe of Dexaroi. One possible candidate for its location is Gorna Gorica (previously known as Goricë e Madhe), in Albania, on the ancient border between Epirus and Illyria. Another candidate for Pelion is the present-day Selcë e Poshtme where the monumental royal tombs can also be found. Pelium later served as a Macedonian border fortress. Sometime in 335 BC, just before the battle of Pelium, it was occupied by Dardanians, led by Cleitus of Dardania, who fought along with Glaucias of Taulantii against Alexander the Great.


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