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Negotino (Macedonian: Неготино, pronounced [nɛˈɡɔtinɔ] ( listen)) is a town in the Republic of Macedonia. Its population is about 20,000. It is the seat of Negotino Municipality. Negotino is situated on the right bank of the river Vardar. It is about 150 metres (490 ft) above sea level. Negotino is in a vineyard region and the gates of the Tikves basin, known for its fertility, are located nearby. Along with Kavadarci, Negotino is known as the home of Macedonia’s best wine and rakija (brandy). The M-1 highway leads through the city, parallel to the railway line connecting Skopje-Gevgelija-Greece.

A settlement in the location of modern Negotino existed and developed in antiquity. Between 278 and 242 BC, a city was founded by King Antigonus II Gonatas, under the name of Antigoneia. After conquering Paionia, he conquered the settlements around the central Vardar region. Antigoneia was situated some twelve Roman miles south of the ancient city of Stobi, on the road to Thessaloniki, at the location of modern Gradiste, near the railway station of Negotino. At this place, Roman coins were found, as well as precious jewelry and other archeological findings from the period of the Roman and Byzantine period. The ancient city existed until the 11th century when it was destroyed by a disastrous earthquake which hit almost all of the territory of Macedonia along with other cities such as Skupi, Stobi, Heraclea, Astibo, and Idomena.


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