Settlements > Sialkot



Indo-Greek Kingdom and Sialkot

Indo-Greek Kingdom

Formation and Expansion:

Cultural Syncretism:

Sialkot (Sagala)

Historical Context:

Role in Indo-Greek Kingdom:

Archaeological and Historical Evidence:


  1. Narain, A. K. "The Indo-Greeks.": Provides a comprehensive history of the Indo-Greek Kingdom and its influence on regions like Sagala.
  2. Tarn, W. W. "The Greeks in Bactria and India.": Discusses the broader impact of Greek culture in Central Asia and India, including detailed accounts of key cities like Sagala.
  3. Archaeological Survey of India Reports: Document findings from various excavations in Sialkot, highlighting the Hellenistic influence and the city's historical significance.
  4. "The Silk Road: A New History" by Valerie Hansen.: Explores the significance of trade routes and the role of cities like Sagala in facilitating cultural and economic exchanges.
  5. Strabo, "Geographica": References the Indo-Greek territories and cities, providing insights into their importance during the Hellenistic period.
  6. "Milinda Panha": Ancient Buddhist text that records dialogues between King Menander I and the monk Nagasena, reflecting the cultural and religious syncretism of the period.

These sources offer detailed insights into the interactions between the Indo-Greek Kingdom and Sialkot, emphasizing the cultural, economic, and political exchanges that shaped the region during the Hellenistic period.

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