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Alexandrupolis ("Alexander town") or Alexandropolis Maedica was the first settlement founded by Alexander the Great. This city is known to us through the Roman historian Plutarch who described the settlement as being founded in 340 BC while he was still regent (epitropos) to his father. However, while his father was away on campaign Alexander was forced to settle a domestic uprising with the Maedi tribe.

After Alexander had subdued the Maedi he founded the city of Alexandrupolis. The current location of the city is not known however, some believe it is located near Sandanski in modern day Bulgaria. Some believe the city was more of a military colony rather than a permanent settlement. (Tarn) Alexandrupolis is believed to have been abandoned or renamed after its founding. Some historians believe a Thracian raid caused the collapse (Zopyrion). According to other historians the settlement was si


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

The Hellenistic settlements in Europe, the islands, and Asia Minor By Getzel M. Cohen Page 82 ISBN 0-520-08329-6Conquest and empire By A. B. Bosworth Page 246 ISBN 0-521-40679-X

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