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Seleucia-on-the-Hedyphon (Greek: Σελεύκεια, also transliterated as Seleuceia, Seleukeia, Seleukheia; formerly Soloke or Soloce, Sodome, and Sele, also Surak) was an ancient city on the Hedyphon (now Jarahi) river in Susiana (earlier Elam), east of Mesopotamia, currently the site of Ja Nishin, Khuzestan Province, Iran.ReferencesRichard Talbert, Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, (ISBN 0-691-03169-X), p. 93.Jump up ^ Cohen, Getzel M. (2013-06-02). The Hellenistic Settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India. University of California Press. pp. 192–3. ISBN 9780520953567.External linksHazlitt, Classical Gazetteer, "Seleucia"Different one??Seleucia on Hedyphon was the name of the ancient Assyrian city of Arrapha during the Hellenistic period (331–129 BCE). It was in eastern Assyria on the bank of the river Hedyphon (Greek: Ἡδυφών).Known to the Assyrians and to Claudius Ptolemy as Arrapha and Korkoura, the city flourished during the 11th and 10th centuries BCE. Familiar from tales of the saint's lives in East as Beth-Seleucia, it was a city related to many martyrs of the orthodox Christian church. The bishop of the city was John, who was mentioned in the chronicles of king Shapur.In the Hellenistic period the city was renamed Seleucia, for Seleucus I Nicator or one of his successors. The locals called it Karkha D- Bet Slokh (citadel of the Seleucid dynasty). Today it is located in the city of Kirkuk in northeast Iraq.SourcesJohann Gustav Droysen, Geschichte des HellenismusClaudius Ptolemy, Geographia


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