Settlements > Saksanokhur



Saksanokhur is the modern name of an ancient settlement in Farchor in the south of present-day Tajikistan.The place was from 1966 to 1967 and from 1973 to 1977 investigated by Soviet archaeologists before the remains of buildings were leveled. There were remains of a Greco-Bactrian and later settlement. Other than this Ai-Khanoum is one of the few excavated sites of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom.There was a citadel, whose center of a building formed a large courtyard. The building probably dated to the 2nd century BC. The concept is consistent with other buildings as in Ai-Khanoum where there are also buildings with large yards.In addition to the fortified settlement it is also found dwellings and workshops, including pottery. The bottom is dated to the Greco-Bactrian period and it can be assumed that the place was established in this period.Coordinates: 37.5514°N 69.3906°E


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