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Battle of Cos

Alexander the Great - Dove Decoration


Battle of Cos

Part of the Syrian Wars (Chremonidean War)

Syrian Wars - Battle of Cos

Asia Minor - Sebastian Munster (AD 1550)

Date: 261 or 255 BC

Location: Kos (Cos)

Coordinates: 36.8500°N 27.2333°E

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MacedonPtolemaic Kingdom
Antigonus II GonatasPatroclaus (admiral of Ptolemy II)
Military Forces
4,000 Infantry15,000
1,500 Cavalry

Aftermath: Macedonian victory

Territorial Changes:

Next Battle:

Previous Battle: N/A

The Battle of Cos (c. 261-255 BC) was a battle between the Ptolemaic Kingdom and the Antigonids as part of the Second Syrian War and the larger Wars of the Diadochi. The date of the battle is unknown with historians believing it is between 261 BC and 255 BC with more emphasis on the later dates.

During the Battle of Cos the Ptolemaic Navy which was led by admiral Patroclus under the command of Ptolemy II Philadelphus was defeated by Antigonus II Gonatas. Following this battle it is believed by some historians that the Ptolemies lost hegemony over the Aegean Sea but others dissent. After the conclusion of the battle Antigonus II would dedicate his flagship to the god Apollo.

The Battle of Cos is believed by modern historians to have been one of three naval battles that provided the impetus to construct the statue known as the Nike of Samothrace. Other possible battles given are the Battle of Amorgos (322 BC) and the Battle of Salamis (306 BC) which were also part of the wars that began following the establishment of the various Hellenistic Kingdoms in the aftermath of the death of Alexander the Great.


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