Cultures > Kingdom of Tylis

Kingdom of Tylis


The Kingdom of Tylis was a relatively short-lived state established by the Celtic tribe known as the Galatians, who migrated into the Balkans during the late 3rd century BC. Tylis was located in the region that corresponds to modern-day Bulgaria. The kingdom existed from around 279 BC to 212 BC and is notable for its role in the Galatian invasions of the Hellenistic world.

Origins and Establishment

Galatian Migration

Formation of Tylis

Political History

Expansion and Conflicts


Culture and Society

Celtic Influence

Hellenistic Integration


Agriculture and Trade



Historical Impact

Archaeological Findings

The Kingdom of Tylis is a fascinating example of the interplay between migrating Celtic tribes and the established cultures of the Hellenistic world. Its brief existence highlights the dynamic and often volatile nature of ancient political and cultural landscapes.


Hellenistic Cultures

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