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Kingdom of Osroene


Geography and Location

Formation and Early History

Dynasty and Governance

Cultural Influence

Political History and Roman Influence

Legacy and Significance

ConclusionThe Kingdom of Osroene represents a fascinating example of a small but culturally influential state that managed to maintain a degree of autonomy and develop a unique cultural identity amidst the dominant powers of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Its legacy, particularly in the realm of Syriac culture and early Christian history, continues to be recognized in historical studies.

Abgarid Dynasty

The Abgarid dynasty, also known as the Abgar dynasty, ruled the kingdom of Osroene, with its capital at Edessa (modern-day Şanlıurfa in Turkey). Below is a table of the notable kings from the Abgarid dynasty, including their years of reign, consorts (where known), successors, predecessors, and contributions:

MonarchYears of ReignConsortsSuccessorPredecessorContribution
Abgar I132–127 BCUnknownAbgar IINone (Founder)Established the Abgarid dynasty and the kingdom of Osroene
Abgar II127–120 BCUnknownAbgar IIIAbgar IMaintained the stability of the kingdom
Abgar III120–95 BCUnknownAbgar IVAbgar IIContinued policies of stability and consolidation
Abgar IV95–68 BCUnknownAbgar VAbgar IIIStrengthened the kingdom, maintained peace
Abgar V "Ukkama"4 BC–7 AD, 13–50 ADHelena of AdiabeneMa'nu VIAbgar IVKnown for converting to Christianity, establishing a Christian kingdom in Osroene
Ma'nu VI50–57 ADUnknownMa'nu VIIAbgar VContinued his father's policies, ruled during a time of relative peace
Ma'nu VII57–71 ADUnknownAbgar VIMa'nu VIMaintained stability and continued the promotion of Christianity
Abgar VI71–91 ADUnknownAbgar VIIMa'nu VIIKnown for his support of the early Christian community
Abgar VII91–109 ADUnknownSanatrukAbgar VIContinued the Christianization of the kingdom
Sanatruk109–116 ADUnknownMa'nu VIIIAbgar VIIKnown for his resistance against the Roman Empire
Ma'nu VIII116–123 ADUnknownMa'nu IXSanatrukRestored the kingdom after Roman invasions
Ma'nu IX123–139 ADUnknownAbgar VIIIMa'nu VIIIPromoted economic stability and maintained peaceful relations with neighboring powers
Abgar VIII "The Great"139–167 ADUnknownMa'nu XMa'nu IXKnown for his support of Christianity and his efforts to strengthen and expand the kingdom
Ma'nu X167–177 ADUnknownAbgar IXAbgar VIIIContinued the legacy of his father, maintaining the kingdom's prosperity
Abgar IX177–212 ADUnknownMa'nu XIMa'nu XLast significant ruler of the Abgarid dynasty, saw increased Roman influence
Ma'nu XI212–214 ADUnknownAbgar XAbgar IXRuled under Roman suzerainty
Abgar X214–216 ADUnknownEnd of dynastyMa'nu XIThe last ruler of the Abgarid dynasty, kingdom annexed by the Roman Empire

List of Settlements

Here's a comprehensive table of known ancient settlements in the Kingdom of Osroene, including their latitude, longitude, year founded, estimated population, and modern location. Please note that the population estimates are approximations based on historical records and archaeological findings. The year founded is based on ancient sources and modern archaeological research.

SettlementLatitudeLongitudeYear FoundedEst. PopulationModern Location
Edessa37.148938.7910c. 303 BC20,000 - 50,000Şanlıurfa, Turkey
Carrhae36.860139.0284c. 3000 BC10,000 - 20,000Harran, Turkey
Nisibis37.075041.2167c. 9th century BC15,000 - 30,000Nusaybin, Turkey
Anthemusia35.046040.0450c. 3rd century BC5,000 - 10,000Near Al-Mayadin, Syria
Birtha36.633338.9500c. 2nd century BC5,000 - 10,000Near Birecik, Turkey
Callirrhoe36.866738.5000c. 3rd century BC5,000 - 10,000Near Urfa, Turkey
Batnae37.068640.6270c. 3rd century BC5,000 - 10,000Near Adıyaman, Turkey
Doliche37.030037.3700c. 2nd century BC5,000 - 10,000Gaziantep, Turkey
Singara36.808341.0433c. 2nd century BC5,000 - 10,000Sinjar, Iraq
Zeugma37.038637.8669c. 300 BC20,000 - 30,000Belkıs, Turkey

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