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Achaea Phthiotis


Achaea Phthiotis (Ancient Greek: Ἀχαΐα Φθιῶτις, "Achaea of Phthia) or simply Phthiotis (Φθιῶτις) was a region in ancient Greece in southeastern Thessaly inhabited by the perioikoi. This historical region lay between Mount Othrys and the north coast of the Pagasetic Gulf. This region was never formally part of Thessaly but instead a vassal.

Despite this it still had its own seat at the Delphic Amphictyony. Around 363 BC it came under control of Boeotia but later separated during the Lamian War. Later in the 3rd century BC it would become part of the Aetolian League until it was given autonomous and independent status by the Roman Republic. This occurred in 196 BC following the Second Macedonian War where it was reincorporated into Thessaly.


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