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Athamanians or Athamanes (Greek: Ἀθαμάνες, Athamanes) were an ancient Greek tribe that inhabited south-eastern Epirus and west Thessaly. Although regarded as "barbarians" by Strabo and Hecataeus of Miletus, the Athamanians self-identified as Greeks.[1] The existence of myths about Athamas and Ino in Achaean Phthiotis suggests that the Athamanians were settled there before 1600 BC.[2] They were an independent semi-barbarian tribe (in 395 and 355 BC according to Diodorus Siculus[3]) and were occasionally allies of the Aetolians.[4] Amynander and Theodorus of Athamania are reported kings of the Athamanians.[4]


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