Hellenistic Structures > Pergamon Structures

Pergamon Structures


Pergamon (modern-day Bergama, Turkey) was a significant cultural, political, and intellectual center during the Hellenistic period. The city was renowned for its impressive architectural and artistic achievements, many of which were commissioned by the Attalid dynasty. Here is an overview of notable Hellenistic structures at Pergamon:

1. The Altar of Zeus

2. The Library of Pergamon

3. The Sanctuary of Asclepius

4. The Theater of Pergamon

5. The Gymnasium

6. The Acropolis of Pergamon


The Hellenistic structures at Pergamon reflect the city's importance as a cultural, intellectual, and political center during the Hellenistic period. From the grand Altar of Zeus and the renowned Library of Pergamon to the healing Sanctuary of Asclepius and the educational Gymnasium, these structures showcase the architectural innovation, artistic excellence, and cultural richness of Pergamon. The legacy of these monuments continues to be appreciated for their contributions to the history of architecture and the cultural heritage of the ancient world.


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