Hellenistic Structures > Gyaur Gala Fortress

Gyaur Gala Fortress


Gyaur Kala: The Second Largest City in Merv

Historical Background

Urban Development

Key Structures

Defensive Features


Gyaur Kala, as the second largest city in Merv, exemplifies the strategic and cultural significance of the region throughout its long history. The city's development under Antiochus I, its diverse religious structures, and robust defensive walls reflect the complex and evolving nature of this ancient settlement. From its origins in the Achaemenid period to its role in the Seleucid Empire and beyond, Gyaur Kala stands as a testament to the rich historical tapestry of Central Asia.

Gyaur-Kala Fortress: "The Fortress of Infidels"

Historical Background

Architectural Features

Cultural Significance

Strategic Importance

Decline and Legacy

Geographical Context


Gyaur-Kala, "The Fortress of Infidels," stands as a testament to the region's rich Zoroastrian heritage and its strategic significance throughout history. Despite its current state of ruin, the fortress's historical and cultural legacy continues to be of great interest to archaeologists and historians alike.


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