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Arsinoe III (235-204 BCE) was the daughter of Queen Berenice II and Ptolemy III Euergetes who ruled over the Ptolemaic Kingdom based out of the former satrapy of Egypt. She later would marry her brother Ptolemy IV Philopater and become the Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

Arsinoe III (Greek: Ἀρσινόη; c. 246 – 204 BC) was a queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt, known for her significant yet ultimately tragic role in the turbulent political landscape of the Hellenistic period. She was the daughter of Ptolemy III Euergetes and Berenice II, and the sister-wife of Ptolemy IV Philopator. Here is a detailed overview of her life, reign, and legacy:

Early Life and Marriage

Reign as Queen

Political Influence and Struggles

Tragic End



Arsinoe III was a key figure in the Ptolemaic dynasty, whose influence extended beyond her role as queen consort. Her active participation in significant military events and her tragic death illustrate the complexities and dangers of royal life in ancient Egypt. Her legacy as a queen who played a vital role in the political and military affairs of her time remains significant in the history of the Hellenistic period.


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