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Ptolemy XI Soter II


Ptolemy IX LathyrosPharaoh from the Ptolemaic dynasty of EgyptPtolemyIX-StatueHead MuseumOfFineArtsBoston.pngPtolemaic King of EgyptPredecessorPtolemy VIII Physcon and Cleopatra III of EgyptSuccessorBerenice III of EgyptBornc. 143 – 142 BCDied81 BCWivesCleopatra IV of EgyptCleopatra Selene IIssuePtolemy XII (by Cleopatra IV)Berenice III (by Cleopatra Selene I)Full namePtolemy IX Soter IIDynastyPtolemaicFatherPtolemy VIII PhysconMotherCleopatra III of EgyptPtolemy IX Soter II[note 1] or Lathyros ("grass pea") (Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Σωτήρ Λάθυρος, Ptolemaĩos Sōtḗr Láthuros) was king of Egypt three times, from 116 BC to 110 BC, 109 BC to 107 BC and 88 BC to 81 BC, with intervening periods ruled by his brother, Ptolemy X Alexander. At first he was chosen by his mother Cleopatra III to be her co-regent (his father Ptolemy VIII wished that she would rule with one of her sons), though she was more forced to choose him by the Alexandrians. He married his sister Cleopatra IV, but his mother pushed her out and replaced her with his younger sister Cleopatra Selene. Later, she claimed that he tried to kill her, and successfully deposed him, putting her favorite son Alexander on the throne as co-regent with her. However, she later grew tired of the now Ptolemy X and deposed him, putting Ptolemy IX back on the throne. She was soon murdered by Ptolemy X, who took the throne again. He was then killed in battle, and Ptolemy IX reigned until his own death.Silver tetradrachma of Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy IX. Soter II., 109 BCFragment of a stella of Ptolemy IX, 115 BC, from AswanHis daughter Berenice III took the throne after his death, and reigned for about a year. She was forced to marry her stepson Alexander, who reigned under the name Ptolemy XI Alexander II and had her killed nineteen days later.Ptolemy IX's name recalls that of his great Macedonian ancestor, Ptolemy I Soter; in older references and in younger ones by the German historian Huss, he may be numbered VIII.Ancestry[show]Ancestors of Ptolemy IX LathyrosNotesJump up ^ Numbering the Ptolemies is a modern invention; the Greeks distinguished them by epithet (nickname). The number given here is the present consensus, but there has been some disagreement in the nineteenth century about which of the later Ptolemies should be counted as reigning. Since older sources may give a number one higher or lower, epithets are the most reliable way of determining which Ptolemy is being referred to in any given case.External linksWikimedia Commons has media related to Ptolemy IX.Ptolemy Soter II at LacusCurtius — (Chapter XI of E. R Bevan's House of Ptolemy, 1923)Ptolemy IX Lathyrus entry in historical sourcebook by Mahlon H. SmithPtolemy IX (Soter) at Thebes by Robert RitnerPtolemy IX LathyrosPtolemaic dynastyBorn: ca. 143 – 142 BC Died: 81 BCRegnal titlesPreceded byPtolemy VIIIPharaoh of Egypt116 BC-110 BCwith Cleopatra III and Cleopatra IVSucceeded byCleopatra III and Ptolemy XPreceded byCleopatra III and Ptolemy XPharaoh of Egypt110 BC-109 BCwith Cleopatra IIISucceeded byCleopatra III and Ptolemy XPreceded byBerenice III and Ptolemy XPharaoh of Egypt88 BC-81 BCSucceeded byBerenice III

Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt

Ptolemy ISoterSavior305-285 BCEBerenice IReign
Ptolemy IIPhiladelphusSister-loving285-246 BCEArsinoe IReign
Ptolemy IIIEuergetes IThe Benefactor246-221 BCEBerenice IIReign
Ptolemy IVPhilopaterFather-loving221-204 BCEArsinoe IIIReign
Ptolemy VEpiphanesThe Illustrious204-180 BCEReign
Ptolemy VIPhilometorMother-loving180-145 BCECleopatra I
Cleopatra II & Ptolemy VIII
Ptolemy Eupator
180–176 BCE
170–163 BCE
153–150 BCE
Ptolemy VIINeos PhilopatorFather-loving145 BCECleopatra IIReign
Ptolemy VIIIEuergetes IIThe Benefactor170–116 BCECleopatra II145–131/130 BCE
Cleopatra II124–116 BCE
Ptolemy VIIIEuergetes IIThe Benefactor170–116 BCECleopatra II124–116 BCE
Ptolemy IXSoter IIThe Savior116-107 BCECleopatra III107–101 BCE
Ptolemy XAlexander I107-88 BCECleopatra III107–101 BCE
Ptolemy IXSoter IIThe Savior88-80 BCE
Ptolemy XIAlexander II80 BCEBerenice III80 BCE
Ptolemy XIIINeos Dionysos/AuletesNew Dionysus/Flute Player80–51 BCEBerenice IV58–55 BCE
Cleopatra VII51-30 BCEReign
Ptolemy XIII PhysconDionysos51-47 BCEReign
Ptolemy XIVPhilopatorFather-loving47-44 BCEReign
Ptolemy XVCaesarionLittle Caesar44-30 BCEReign


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