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This article contains a list of the pharaohs of Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty, which lasted from 305 B.C. to 30 B.C.Note that the dates given are approximate.List of Ptolemaic pharaohsNameImageCommentDatePtolemy I SoterPtolemy I Soter Louvre Ma849.jpgFounder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, previously a general of Alexander the Great.Abdicated in 285 BC; died in 283 BC305–285 BCBerenice IBerenice I.jpgWife of Ptolemy I?–285 BCPtolemy II PhiladelphusPtolemy II Philadelphus, king of Ptolemaic Egypt, 2nd or 1st century BC, Louvre Museum (7462947960).jpg288–246 BCArsinoe IArsinoe I Dekadrachme.jpgWife of Ptolemy II284/281–c. 274 BCArsinoe IIWife of Ptolemy II277–270 BCPtolemy III Euergetes IPtolemy III Euergetes.jpg246–222 BCBerenice IIDinastia tolemaica, berenice II, octodracma di euergetes, 246-222 ac ca.JPGWife of Ptolemy III244/243–222 BCPtolemy IV PhilopatorPtolemyIV.jpg222–204 BCArsinoe IIIOktadrachmon Arsinoe III.jpgWife of Ptolemy IV220–204 BCHugronaphorRevolutionary Pharaoh in the South205–199 BCAnkhmakisRevolutionary Pharaoh in the South199–185 BCPtolemy V EpiphanesTetradrachm Ptolemy V.jpgUpper Egypt in revolt 207–186 BC204–180 BCCleopatra IHead of a statuette (Cleopatra I, Cleopatra II or Berenice III) a Lagid queen as Isis?, 2nd century BC?, discovered at El Ashmunein (ancient Hermopolis), Egypt, Louvre Museum (7462962150).jpgWife of Ptolemy V, co-regent with Ptolemy VI during his minority193–176 BCPtolemy VI PhilometorRing with engraved portrait of Ptolemy VI Philometor (3rd–2nd century BCE) - 20110309.jpgDied 145 BC180–164 BC163–145 BCCleopatra IIEgyptian - Head of a Queen, Perhaps Cleopatra II or Cleopatra III - Walters 22407.jpgWife of Ptolemy VI175–164 BC163–147 BC124–116 BCPtolemy VIII Euergetes IIPtolemy VIII - silver didrachma - líc.jpgProclaimed king by Alexandrians in 170 BC; ruled jointly with Ptolemy VI Philometor and Cleopatra II from 169 to 164 BC.Restored in 145 BC, ruled until 131 BCRestored again in 127 BCDied 116 BC171–163 BC145–131 BC127–116 BCPtolemy VII Neos PhilopatorCoin of Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator (cropped).jpgProclaimed co-ruler by father; later ruled under regency of his mother Cleopatra IISometimes identified as Ptolemy Memphitis145–144 BCCleopatra IIICleopatra-III-at-Kom-Ombo.jpgSecond wife of Ptolemy VIII142–131 BCPtolemy MemphitisProclaimed King by Cleopatra II; soon killed by Ptolemy VIII131 BCPtolemy IX Soter IIPtolemaeus IX Soter II.PNGDied 80 BC116–110 BCCleopatra IVShortly married to Ptolemy IX, but was pushed out by Cleopatra III116–115 BCPtolemy X Alexander IPtolemy X Alexander I Louvre Ma970.jpgDied 88 BC110–109 BCBerenice IIIForced to marry Ptolemy XI; murdered on his orders 19 days later81–80 BCPtolemy XI Alexander IIYoung son of Ptolemy X Alexander; installed by Sulla; ruled for 80 days before being lynched by citizens for killing Berenice III80 BCPtolemy XII Neos Dionysos AuletesPtolemy XII Auletes Louvre Ma3449.jpgSon of Ptolemy IXFled to Rome in 58 BC in fear of citizens; restored in 55 BC; reigned briefly with his daughter Cleopatra VII before his deathFather of the famed CleopatraDied 51 BC80–58 BC55–51 BCCleopatra VIICleopatra VII, dalla via appia tra ariccia e genzano, 40-30 ac ca. 02.JPGJointly with her father Ptolemy XII, her brother Ptolemy XIII, her brother-husband Ptolemy XIV, and her son Ptolemy XV; also known simply as CleopatraKnown for her affairs with Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony51–48 BC48–30 BCPtolemy XIII Theos PhilopatorBrother of Cleopatra VII; died in 47 BC after battle with the combined forces of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar51–47 BCArsinoe IVIn opposition to Cleopatra IV; took her place when Ptolemy XIII drove Cleopatra from Egypt48–47 BCPtolemy XIVPtolemy XIV.jpgYounger brother of Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XIII; ruled for three years while Cleopatra was in Rome on invitation by Caesar47–44 BCPtolemy XV CaesarionCaesarion.jpgFirst child of Cleopatra VII, possibly with Julius CaesarBegan rule alongside his mother at the age of threeKilled on the orders of Gaius Octavian (later to become Emperor Augustus Caesar) 11 days after the suicide of Cleopatra VII44–30 BCOtherNameImageCommentDatePtolemy XVIPhiladelphusFourth and final son of Cleopatra VII, and her third with Mark Antony. Was never apharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty, but is the last in the line to bear the name"Ptolemy"Used, along with his older siblings Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene (twin childrenof Cleopatra VII), in Gaius Octavian's military triumph over their parents; means of death unknown[lived] 36 BC–29 BCSee alsoPtolemaic dynastyPtolemaic kingdom


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