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Antigenes (?? - 316 BCE), known in Greek as Aντιγένης was a general in the military of Alexander III the Great as well as his father Philip II of Macedon. He would lose an eye in 340 BCE following the Siege of Perinthus. Following the death of Alexander he would be made the leader of the satrapy of Susiana.

During the Wars of the Diadochi he would be one of the commanders of the Argyraspides and take the side of Eumenes. Following the defeat of Eumenes in 316 BCE Antigenes would be captured by Antigonus I Monophthalmus. Here he would be burnt alive according to Diodorus Siculus who stated;

"Now that Antigonus had unexpectedly mastered Eumenes and all the army that had been opposing him, he seized Antigenes, the commander of the Silver Shields, put him into a pit, and burned him alive."

- Diodorus Siculus, XIX-44


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

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