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Perdiccas (Greek: Περδίκκας) was a significant figure in ancient Macedonian history, notably recognized as the founder and first king of the ancient kingdom of Macedon according to Herodotus. His story marks the beginnings of Macedonian history and the establishment of the Argead dynasty, which later produced famous rulers like Philip II and Alexander the Great.

Historical Context

Early Accounts

Myth and Founding Legend

Migration from Argos

Rise to Power

Historical Significance

Establishment of the Argead Dynasty

Expansion and Legacy

Cultural Impact


Perdiccas, the first king of Macedon according to Herodotus, is a foundational figure in the history of ancient Macedonia. His establishment of the Argead dynasty and the kingdom of Macedon set the stage for the later achievements of his descendants, including Philip II and Alexander the Great. The legend of Perdiccas, blending historical events with mythological elements, highlights the rich tapestry of tradition and storytelling that shaped ancient Macedonian identity and royal legitimacy.


1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 21

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