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Peithon (Greek: Πείθων), often referred to as Pithon, was a notable Macedonian officer and general who served under Alexander the Great. He played a significant role in the turbulent period following Alexander's death, known as the Wars of the Diadochi, where Alexander's generals fought for control over his vast empire. Here is a detailed account of Peithon's life and contributions:

Early Career and Service Under Alexander

Role in Alexander's Campaigns

After Alexander's Death

The Wars of the Diadochi



Peithon was a prominent figure during the era of Alexander the Great and the subsequent Wars of the Diadochi. His contributions to Alexander's military successes, his governance of Media, and his involvement in the power struggles among Alexander's successors underscore his significance in the history of the Hellenistic period. Despite his ultimate defeat and execution, Peithon's legacy endures as a testament to the complexities and challenges faced by those who sought to carve out their destinies in the wake of Alexander's empire.


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