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Coenus of Macedon


Coenus or Koinos (Greek: Κοῖνος) was, after Karanus, the second king of the ancient kingdom of Macedon. The Macedonian historian Marsyas of Pella relates the following aetiological story regarding his name: "...a certain Knopis from Colchis came to Macedonia and lived in the court of Caranus; when the royal male child was born, Caranus had the desire to name him after his father, Kiraron or Kararon, but the mother opposed and wanted after her father the child to be named. When Knopis was asked responded: by neither name. Therefore he was called Koinos (common)".


Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Kleine philologische Schriften: Zur griechischen Literatur By Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl Page 454 (1866) Leipzig

The history of Alexander the Great by Charles Alexander Robinson Page 169 (1953)

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