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Cleopatra IILagid queen Isis Ma3546.jpgPharaohReignc. 170-164 BC with Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII (First Reign)164-145 BC with Ptolemy VI (Second Reign)145-c. 139 BC with Ptolemy VIII139-132 BC with Ptolemy VIII and daughter Cleopatra III132-127 BC solo (Ptolemaic)PredecessorPtolemy VI (First Reign)Ptolemy VIII (Second and Third Reign)SuccessorPtolemy VIII (First Reign)Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra III (Second Reign)Ptolemy IX and Cleopatra IIIRoyal titulary [show]ConsortPtolemy VI of Egypt, Ptolemy VIII of EgyptFatherPtolemy V EpiphanesMotherCleopatra I of EgyptBornc. 185 BCDied116 BCCleopatra II (Greek: Κλεοπάτρα; c. 185 BC – 116 BC) was a queen (and briefly sole ruler) of Ptolemaic Egypt.Contents [hide]1Family2Life3Ancestry4ReferencesFamilyCleopatra II was the daughter of Ptolemy V and likely Cleopatra I. She was the sister of Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II Tryphon. She would eventually marry both of her brothers.Her first marriage was with her brother Ptolemy VI in ca. 175 BC. They had at least four children:Ptolemy Eupator, born in 166 BC. Became co-regent with his father for a short time, but died at a young age in ca 152 BC.Cleopatra Thea born in ca 164 BC. She married Alexander Balas, Demetrius II Nicator and Antiochus VII Sidetes. Murdered by her son in ca 120 BC.Berenice, a daughter. Born between 163 and 160 BC. Died young in ca 150 BC.Cleopatra III, born between 160 and 155 BC. Married to her uncle Ptolemy VIII.Ptolemy (D), born ca 152 BC. Murdered in 130 BC by Ptolemy VIIICleopatra II married her brother Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II Physcon in ca 145 BC. They had at least one son:Ptolemy Memphites. Born between 144 and 142 BC. Murdered by his own father in 130 BC. Ptolemy Memphites may be identical to Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator, but this identification is not universally accepted.LifeThis head of an Egyptian Ptolemaic queen likely depicts Cleopatra II. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.Following the death of her mother (176 BC), she was married to her brother Ptolemy VI Philometor in ca 175 BC. Cleopatra II, Ptolemy VI and their brother, Ptolemy VIII, were co-rulers of Egypt from ca 171 BC to 164 BC.In ca 169 BC, Antiochus IV of Syria invaded Egypt. Ptolemy VI Philometor joined Antiochus IV outside Alexandria. Ptolemy VI was crowned in Memphis and ruled with Cleopatra II. In 164 BC Cleopatra II and her husband were temporarily deposed by their brother Ptolemy VIII, but were restored to power in 163 BC.Cleopatra II married her other brother, Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II in 145 BC. In 142 BC Ptolemy VIII took Cleopatra's younger daughter, his niece, Cleopatra III, as wife.Cleopatra II led a rebellion against Ptolemy VIII in 131 BC, and drove him and Cleopatra III out of Egypt. At this time Ptolemy VIII murdered both his stepson Ptolemy and his own son Ptolemy Memphites. Ptolemy VIII is said to have had his son dismembered and his head, hands and feet sent to Cleopatra II in Alexandria as a birthday present.Cleopatra II ruled Egypt from 130 BC to 127 BC when she was forced to flee to Syria, where she joined her daughter Cleopatra Thea and her son-in-law Demetrius II Nicator.Wall relief of Cleopatra III, Cleopatra II and Ptolemy VIII before HorusA public reconciliation of Cleopatra and Ptolemy VIII was declared in 124 BC. After this she ruled jointly with her brother and daughter until 116 BC when Ptolemy died, leaving the kingdom to Cleopatra III. Cleopatra II herself died shortly after.Ancestry[show]Ancestors of Cleopatra II of EgyptReferences^ Jump up to: a b c d e f Cleopatra II by Chris Bennett^ Jump up to: a b c Aidan Dodson, Dyan Hilton, The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt, 2004Jump up ^ Ptolemy VI by Chris BennettJump up ^ Ptolemy Memphites by Chris BennettCleopatra II of EgyptPtolemaic dynastyBorn: ca. 185 BC Died: 116 BCRegnal titlesPreceded byPtolemy VIQueen of Egypt175 BC-164 BCwith Ptolemy VI and Ptolemy VIIISucceeded byPtolemy VIIIPreceded byPtolemy VIIIQueen of Egypt163 BC-127 BCwith Ptolemy VI, Ptolemy VII, Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra IIISucceeded byPtolemy VIII and Cleopatra IIIPreceded byPtolemy VIIIQueen of Egypt124 BC-116 BCwith Ptolemy VIII and Cleopatra IIISucceeded byPtolemy IX and Cleopatra III

Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt

Ptolemy ISoterSavior305-285 BCEBerenice IReign
Ptolemy IIPhiladelphusSister-loving285-246 BCEArsinoe IReign
Ptolemy IIIEuergetes IThe Benefactor246-221 BCEBerenice IIReign
Ptolemy IVPhilopaterFather-loving221-204 BCEArsinoe IIIReign
Ptolemy VEpiphanesThe Illustrious204-180 BCEReign
Ptolemy VIPhilometorMother-loving180-145 BCECleopatra I
Cleopatra II & Ptolemy VIII
Ptolemy Eupator
180–176 BCE
170–163 BCE
153–150 BCE
Ptolemy VIINeos PhilopatorFather-loving145 BCECleopatra IIReign
Ptolemy VIIIEuergetes IIThe Benefactor170–116 BCECleopatra II145–131/130 BCE
Cleopatra II124–116 BCE
Ptolemy VIIIEuergetes IIThe Benefactor170–116 BCECleopatra II124–116 BCE
Ptolemy IXSoter IIThe Savior116-107 BCECleopatra III107–101 BCE
Ptolemy XAlexander I107-88 BCECleopatra III107–101 BCE
Ptolemy IXSoter IIThe Savior88-80 BCE
Ptolemy XIAlexander II80 BCEBerenice III80 BCE
Ptolemy XIIINeos Dionysos/AuletesNew Dionysus/Flute Player80–51 BCEBerenice IV58–55 BCE
Cleopatra VII51-30 BCEReign
Ptolemy XIII PhysconDionysos51-47 BCEReign
Ptolemy XIVPhilopatorFather-loving47-44 BCEReign
Ptolemy XVCaesarionLittle Caesar44-30 BCEReign


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