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Argaeus (Greek: Ἀργαῖος) or Araeus,[2] was according to 5th-century BC Greek writer Herodotus one of six predecessors of his contemporary, king Alexander I of Macedon (r. 498–454).[3] Alexander I's predecessors, starting from the nearest, were according to Herodotus: Amyntas, Alcetas, Aëropus, Philip I, Argaeus, and Perdiccas I.[3] A rival tradition[3] is held by Livy, Pausanias, Suidas and Junianus Justinus, with Caranus as the first Macedon king.[2]Argaeus was according to 2nd-century AD Macedonian writer Polyaenus the first king of Macedon, who tricked and won over his superior enemies (the Taulanti king Galaurus[4]) with women dressed as men with wreaths and thyrsi (staffs), closely related to the cult of Dionysus.[5][6] After the victory, Argaeus founded a temple dedicated to Pseudanor (Fake-man).[6]Only Alexander I's father, Amyntas, is firmly established in historical record.[3] The eponym Argaeus for the dynasty (the Argead dynasty) was used to maintain the myth of origin from Argos.[3] Nevertheless, regnal years have been applied to these legendary predecessors in modern literature; Argaeus has been claimed to have ruled in 678 BC.[7][8]


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