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Indian Campaign Chronology

Alexander the Great - Dove Decoration


327 BC

Mar 327Sogdian Rock o Rock of Sisimithres (where Oxyartes and Roxana were) (Gissarskiy (or Hissar) Range, Pamiro-Alai region, Tajikistan)―SogdiaSpring 327Bactra (Balkh, near Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan)―BactriaSpring 327Kapisa, Alexandria in the Caucasus (Bagram near Charikar, Afghanistan)―Gandara, capital city?Cophen River (Kabul River, Afghanistan/Pakistan)―GandaraSep 327Passo Khyber/Khyber Pass (Afghanistan/Pakistan)―GandaraAutumn 327Peucelaotis (Charsadda, north of Peshawar, at the Kabul River, Pakistan), occupied by Perdiccas and Hephaestion―Gandara, Western PunjabAutumn 327Arigaeum (Arigaion), capital city of the Aspasians (Nawagai, Pakistan), Alexander campaign against Aspasians and Guraei―Gandara, Western PunjabAutumn 327Massaca/Massaga, capital city of the Assacenes (Alexander campaign) (Wuch near Chakdara, lower Swat (Soastus) valley, Pakistan)―Gandara, Western PunjabAutumn 327Bazira (Bir-Kot/Barikot, lower Swat valley, Pakistan)―Gandara, Western PunjabAutumn 327Ora (Ude-Gram/Odigram, lower Swat valley, Pakistan)―Gandara, Western PunjabAutumn 327Shang-La Pass, Pakistan (4300m)―Gandara, Western PunjabAutumn 327Aornus Rock (Pir-Sar or Pir Sarai, 1600m, at the Indus River, Pakistan)―Western Punjab

326 BC

Winter, 326 BCModern Hund - two Macedonian armies reunitedGandara
March, 326 BCAlexander's detour to NysaGandara
Spring, 326 BCTaxilaGandara
July, 326 BCBattle of Hydaspes RiverKingdom of Porus, Pauravas
July, 326 BCAlexandria Nicaea
July, 326 BCAlexandria Bucephala
August, 326 BCAcesines River
August, 326 BCHydraotes River
August, 326 BCSangala - siege against the Mallians/Malli
31 August, 326 BCeastern-most border of Alexander's expedition, mutiny of the armyHyphasis River
September, 326 BCEstablishment of Alexandria on the Hyphasis
September, 326 BCReturn to Hydaspes River, Nicaea and Bucephala
November, 326 BCDeparture of the fleet at the Hydaspes River
Nov-Dec, 326 BCMallians and Oxydracae campaign
Nov-Dec, 326 BCTown of the Brahmans (Harmatelia)
Nov-Dec, 326 BCSiege of Multan - capital city of the Mallians (Malava)Alexander seriously wounded by arrow
Nov-Dec, 326 BCAlexandria on the Indus or Alexandria of Opiane
December, 326 BCCampaigns against the kingdoms of Musicanus and Sambus (capital city Thatta)
December, 326 BCPatala (Hyderabad)

325 BC

Jul-Dec, 325 BCExpedition of Craterus from Patala to Hormuz: Patala, Bolan Pass, between Sibi and QuettaPersia
Aug-Dec, 325 BCThe return of Alexander: Patala-Hormuz (with Hephaestion)Persia
August, 325 BCArabius RiverSind
?Arabitians and Oreitans CampaignsGedrosia
Autumn, 325 BCAlexandria RhambaciaGedrosia
?Alexandria in MakareneGedrosia
Autumn, 325 BCGedrosian DesertGedrosia
Sep-Dec, 325 BCExpedition of Nearchus from Patala to HormuzStrait of Hormuz
November, 325 BCPuraGedrosia
December, 325 BCAlexandria in CarmaniaCarmania
December, 325 BCReuniting at Hormuz―CarmaniaCarmania

324 BC

January-February, 324 BCReturn of Alexander from Hormuz to SusaSusiana
January, 324 BCPasargadPersis (Persia Proper)
February, 324 BCPersepolisPersis (Persia Proper)
February, 324 BCSusaSusiana
January-February, 324 BCReturn of Hephaestion and Craterus along the coastline of Carmania and Persia (from Hormuz to Susa)Susiana
January-February, 324 BCThe return of Nearchus from Hormuz to Susa: Hormuz, Qeshm Island, Mond River, Karun River, SusaSusiana
March, 324 BCSusa WeddingsSusiana
?Persian GulfSusiana
Spring, 324 BCEstablishment of Alexandria in Susiana or Alexandria of Characene, later Alexandria AntiocheiaSusiana
Spring, 324 BCMutiny of the army at OpisBabylonia
Summer, 324 BCEcbatanaMedia
October, 324 BCDeath of Hephaestion in EcbatanaMedia

323 BC

Winter, 323 BCCossaeans Campaign(Loristan/Luristan, Zagros Range, Iran)―Media/Babylonia
Spring, 323 BCBabylonBabylonia
10-11 June, 323 BCDeath of AlexanderBabylonia


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