Wars of the Diadochi > Battle of Pydna (148 BC)

Battle of Pydna (148 BC)

Alexander the Great - Dove Decoration


Battle of Pydna (148 BC)Part of the Fourth Macedonian WarDate148 BCLocationNear ancient PydnaResultDecisive Roman victoryBelligerentsRomePopular uprising in MacedonCommanders and leadersQuintus Caecilius MetellusAndriscus[show] v t eMacedonian Wars[show] v t eFourth Macedonian WarThe Battle of Pydna was fought in 148 BC between Rome and the forces of the Macedonian leader Andriscus. The Roman force was led by Quintus Caecilius Metellus, and was the winner of this engagement. The result of the battle played an important role in deciding the outcome of the Fourth Macedonian War. This battle annihilated the last military-political force of Macedon.


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