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Battle of Andros

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The Battle of Andros (246/245 BCE) was a naval battle that occurred as part of the Third Syrian War between the Ptolemaic Kingdom and Macedon. The Ptolemaic fleet vastly outnumbered the Macedonian fleet and was commanded by Sophron of Ephesus. However, even with greater numbers the Ptolemies would lose to the fleet commanded by Antigonus II Gonatas. Not much is known about actual details of the battle itself.

The actual date of the battle is uncertain with historians believing it occurred between 246 BCE and 245 BCE. One of the Ptolemaic captains named Ptolemy Andromachou who was an illegitimate half-brother of king Ptolemy III Euergetes of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt would have his ship destroyed and lose his crew, himself barely escaping to Ephesus. The battle would see the loss of Ptolemaic hegemony over the Nesiotic League.

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